School Use Games for Learning and Assessment

Games in Education

Games in Education video created by Mark Wagner and Michael Guerena of the Orange County (CA) Department of Education's Educational Technology group.

Big Thinkers: James Paul Gee on Grading with Games

An Arizona State University professor sees a bright future for video games in the learning process -- in and out of school.

Purpose Games

Come On Down: Game Shows in the Classroom==

Wiki Site

Tony Vincent Web Page

Jeopardy Labs

"Videos Games as Learning Engines" Warlick

Virtual Learning Goes to the Next Step

Discuss Journal Article #2 Web 2.0 - Chat

Augumented Reality


Google Tips and Tricks

57 Useful Google Tools

Google Videos

*Google Desktop

*Google Desktop Gadgets

Sweet Searching With Google

*100+ Google Tricks

Google Scribe

Open Spot

Google Goggles

Google Shopper

**Google** **WonderWheel**

Google Apps

YouTube Google

**Self-Grading Quiz** - create a quiz and embed it on your Wiki

WEB 2.0

Changing Education with Web 2.0 Tools

Windows Live Movie Maker, Wall Wisher, Youblisher, Zamzar, Zimmer Twins

Web Tools A to Z - View sites S-Z

A to Z Web 2.0 Sites Assignment - evaluate 10 sites

iPad, iPod Touch


APP Statistics 500,000 APPS

iPad Tips and Tricks

Tony Vincent

**iPad as Presentation** **Tool**

Group 1 - Complete Jing Tutorial - Scott, Marie, MaryChar, Janna, Bethany

Group 2 - Evaluate iPad/iPod Technology - Connie, Alison, Jennifer

Group 3 - Play Online Games - Kelli, Shane, Jessica, Beth

Group 4 - Create a Zimmer Twins Movie - Christy, Lindsey, Jason

Work on Final Projects

ASSIGNMENT: Journal Article #3 - Assistive Technology - Read the article and be ready to discuss it in a Chat activity on Monday.